First International Virtual Conference

"Role of Applied Theatre in Indian Society"
First International Virtual Conference

About Applied Theatre India Foundation:

Applied Theatre India Foundation (ATI Foundation) is initiated with the aim to provide formal education and promote research in applied theatre practices in India. ATI Foundation is offering India’s first Post Graduate Diploma program in Applied Theatre. It will also offer small duration programs in various different applied subjects in different cities in India. The institute has also come up with an online and offline integrated course structure so that more and more people can join this program.

ATI Foundation has an association with qualified and experienced national and international faculty to teach these courses and is also creating associations with various academic institutions, NGOs and businesses to initiate projects, internships, exchange programs and collaborative applied art projects.

What is Applied Theatre?

Applied Theatre is a creative process which can be used in diverse sectors with different kinds of stakeholders such as schools, Government & Non-Government Organizations, Businesses, Social and Community Development etc. Through this process facilitators involve their participants in various dramatic situations to provide them an experience of what needs to be taught. The purpose of applied theatre is to make people aware about their real issues and help them explore the best possible way to deal with it. Applied Theatre is gaining importance worldwide because it deals with a tremendous amount of hope and exploration of possibility to deal with issues in a very positive way. ATI Foundation, a not for profit section 8 company, is the first one in India to provide a formal education in this area.

Why Applied Theatre Conference?

In India we have been using Applied Theatre methodology for a long time but unfortunately we have never recognized it as a different field of study. It is a need of time to recognize efforts taken by various applied theatre practitioners in India, document the process and initiate a research oriented dialogue for a better future. The virtual international conference can help in following ways:

  • To create awareness about Applied Theatre practices in India
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • Identifying different methodologies and areas of work
  • Documentation of important practices in India
  • Create a network of practitioners in India

Why Virtual Conference?

Virtual is the new normal and in the current scenario it seems difficult to gather people together but that shouldn’t stop us from learning something new. Acceptance to digital platforms and convenience are the two important aspects and thus we propose to have this entire conference on a virtual platform. It becomes easy to record and preserve the virtual presentations and can be made available for those with minimum accessibility along with the theatre departments and universities in India and abroad to create awareness about Applied Theatre practices in India.

This will be the first year of the conference but we are planning to have an Applied Theatre virtual conference every year.

Conference E-Book:

Documenting the knowledge is very much important but in India it is ignored by many practitioners and thus we do not have a literature to support our practices. In India we need to refer to the literature written by western authors about Indian practices with their own perspective. It is a high time to write about our own practices. The conference E-Book is thus of very much importance. The E-Book comprising all the articles will be the first ever conference book on Applied Theatre in India. This E-Book can become a part of the libraries of the Theatre Departments in Indian universities and Universities abroad.


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