Sneak Peek Program by ATIF
Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek is an online series of workshops. We offer standardised ‘open for all’ workshops to help our participants gain a perspective on different topics. A quick Introduction to diverse topics in and around applied theatre helps participants for new ideas and learning in a week long online workshops.

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Why ATI Foundation


We have qualified and experienced faculty in their respective areas. They have not only studied applied theatre but also practiced and made a difference in the society through their practices.


Our campus is located at Mumbai, the cultural capital of Maharashtra. A well-equipped classroom, ample parking space and an inclusive space will help students to learn in a very supportive environment. It is also convenient if you decide to travel from nearby cities.


ATI Foundation's approach towards this course is very practical and hence we have provided continuous mentoring support, separate modules in art and cultural entrepreneurship and encouragement to students in research. ATI Foundation is the first institute to offer online and offline integrated courses to make learning more effective, time saving and cost effective.

Academic Advisory Committee

Learning is our primary focus and hence we have an academic advisory committee who constantly reviews the syllabus to make it relevant with the changing times. The committee consists of international faculty and industry experts.

Career Opportunities

Though Applied Theatre is a new idea in Indian societies it has a huge potential in various different fields. The process based work helps students as well as adults to overcome various undiscovered issues and unspoken problems and thus applied theatre is a very promising method to use in various diverse areas to work with people. Some of the areas students can think of post PGDAT are:


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